Custom Work

ChemoSys undertakes custom synthesis of products based on its existing technology base. We undertake development of products from 10kg-1000kgs levels and have a proven track record in improving yields, reducing cycle times and scaling up quickly for full-scale production.

Research & Development

The R&D Department plays a vital role in providing solutions to industrial problems by quickly moving new products and technologies to the marketplace. It is also a source of value to our customers by providing them with new ideas, designs, services, and significantly improved products and processes that they can use in their own facilities. By listening to customer concerns and closely watching trends in the marketplace, R&D can respond flexibly and rapidly with innovative initiatives that secure a competitive advantage for our customers.

Our team of R&D chemists, mostly Ph.Ds, takes pleasure in accepting our customer’s challenges and delivering fast, flexible, customized and innovative solutions and products. Our Process/Manufacturing department offers efficient scale up services and supports our catalogue of chemicals and custom synthesis.

In addition to our regular process plant, we also have a well organized kilo scale manufacturing unit, from which we can offer small lots of specialized chemical substances, as well as "start up quantities" for R&D and new synthetic processes.

Depending on the process, optimization could come in the form of reduced raw material consumption, incorporation of a less hazardous raw material or reduction in the number of synthetic steps. All of these lend to better economics for our customer.