About Us

ChemoSys is a manufacturer of Fine and specialty chemicals. Beginning in 2008, the company has built up a comprehensive capability covering a wide range of Reaction Technologies, especially focusing on Heterocyclic Chemistry.

We manufacture specialized chemicals, which are used in pharmaceutical synthesis. Our main field of expertise covers the development and production of functionalized heterocyclic compounds.

Besides these products, we have an extensive list of Chiral Products in Development, which can normally be offered from gram scale to multi-kilo scale.

We believe the key to success in fine chemical manufacturing is delivering high quality products at the best price possible, on time, every time.

We are growth oriented and aim at extending our products and services to the worldwide pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. We will reach this goal by continuously developing our competences, increasing our capacity to meet cutting edge technological demands and attracting, developing and motivating the best people.

ChemoSys has a proven track record in supplying to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with gram to kilogram quantities of high quality custom-made organic chemicals and on-time delivery. Our marketing team quickly responds to your inquiries within 24 hours. Our production team is also highly reliable, especially on delivery schedules.